The Workspace of my dreams

Hello everyone, right now I am working in an Architects studio, I love my new job and I love the people I am working with, but there is only one thing that I want to change, “the working space”. The office is pretty big, we have a lot of space but it has not fashion in it, It is really simple and it doesn’t have any decoration. I have always dreamt of a light and comfy working space. So i decided to make this post to share some ideas that I have if at any point of my life I have my own office.
First of all I would love to have my work table under the window o near it, because light is important to me, If I´m not feeling the light of the sun when I am working I get tired easily and I start to procrastinate.


(From Theultralinx)
Also I will need a good and comfy chair, because I dont want to have back pain. I suffer a lot of back pains because I am always hunched in the computer (when I am at home, because at work I have a really good chair). This is why I want a good chair in my future office.
(From Refinery29)
Some plants that make you feel fresh. The best plants for indoors that you can use in your office either in your home office space or in your working space are Philodendron, Spider plant, Cactus… but If you want to see more office/indoors plants Click Here. A plant would make your office more comfy and you’ll feel more fresh and in touch with nature.
(From Etsy)
My office definitely need to have a lot of archive space, because I love to have my things in order and in certain spaces that I can organize them in alphabet order or by color or especimen. I am always looking the best storage things in home decors on pinterest, and I´ve been thinking that if I am going to have a lot of spaces to archive my things, I would like to create it from myself, recycling the things that I dont need or the store doesn’t need. So I am always looking for great ideas to make boxes or drawers.
And for the last idea I have on my working space is to have a space that suits my personality, where I can have fun working and I feel comfortable. My own space where I can create and feel creative. There are a lot of ideas and tips for a working space that I am always willing to take, so I am hoping to have my own office at my home in the future so I can put this ideas on practice. Thanks very much to WeWork for inspiring this post, with them you can create a lot of awesome ideas from any of their co-working locations. They also offer all sorts of member benefits like a networking platform, and discounts on healthcare, gym memberships, and resources you need to run your business!. I hope you have enjoyed this post, don´t forget to share and comment, have a nice day.
(From Theultralinx)


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