It’s 2016 and you haven’t started your resolutions?

Hello My name is Maria and ive been away from my blog a while, because sometimes we just feel that nothing is going to work in the end. I am going to explain myself, i started this blog with a lot of enthusiasm but I thought (because in my country not a lot of people have blogs) I could go well with this one, but it didn’t work, not because of the people but because of me. i was posting things without an specific time or day, I sometimes spent months without writing a new post and I realized that I wasnt being serious, so I just thought on giving up, but I didn’t. So I´ve been organising myself for this new year, because i like to write, i love to make videos and I have a lot of fun when doing it. So for this year my only resolution for myself is to not stop blogging, to make a post each week, to not giving up on this without thinking if people are seeing it or not, because i love it. My first post of the first week of this new year is on how you can start your new year resolutions and not giving up on these. Hope you can find this helpfull.

1) Buy or get a new agenda or planner, but not any agenda or diary, get one that suits you, one that you think is pretty and is going to change your life, why?, because i noticed that when i have a pretty agenda that it suits my personality i use it more often because i really want to fill it with ideas, notes, homeworks, birthdays… everything. So trust me with this one and go get the prettiest agenda for you.

2) Use your agenda, starts making a routine, that every morning when you wake up you are going to review it and plan your day on it (you can plan it the day before if you want to) . For example if your resolution is to get fit, write down the time that you would go to the gym, what you are going to eat when you finish, write everything down, and stick to the plan.

3) Be positive, i know this is hard for some people, it is for me, but i found a way to be a little more positive for when i wake up and keep it that way along the day, every night before sleep i write on my agenda a positive quote or something that happens to me on that day that made me laugh, so the next day when I read it I feel in a better good mood to do my daily routine. The best one to me is “Dont Forget to smile”, I even have this phrase on the background of my cell phone.

4) Do whatever makes you happy, sometimes we want to archive things that maybe our parents or friends don´t like, dont close yourself on how you really feel with something, it doesnt matter if is a crazy thing or not, you have to make your own mistakes, just dont try something that can harm yourself lol. Anyways if you want to go somewhere and you think money is the problem or you are afraid to long trips, dont be, just plan, when you plan things, you have more chances to accomplish your dreams.

5) Dont forget who you are and dont hold on your past, 2015 have passed and a lot of good and bad things have happened, life is like that but you cant let those problems to affect you if they have passed too , is not about forgetting things is about learning from them, the good and the bad, so dont let bad memories hound you, if you feel like you cant get rid of that, just write it down, you’ll see you’re gonna feel better afterward, you always have to think of you, to make yourself happy, because if you do that, people will feel happy around you, share this happiness and share this post to.
Thank you very much to whoever is reading this, because you are making my day and Im making your day, if you liked this post, comment how you feel about this and your new year resolutions, you can share this post too. Follow me on my social media @maricortesv on instagram, +Maruja on Gmail and @mariacortes24 on Twitter and you can tag me #purpleairbubbles. xx (btw sorry for my english, I speak spanish as first language <3)

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